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Monday, September 17, 2007

Treat Type 2 Diabetes and Related Diseases with Lifestyle Changes

A change in lifestyle can be so beneficial in treating type 2 diabetes. You know that lifestyle has quite an impact on this disease. How does lifestyle create such an impact? Well, being overweight along with low physical activity, is the most common cause of increasing insulin resistance.

That is why, changing those two lifestyle behaviors can reverse the damage this disease can cause. Even after developing type 2 diabetes, one still has a chance to prevent or reduce the complications by losing weight and increasing physical activity.

How is this possible? Well, since the pancreas have been so tired after many years of producing large amounts of insulin to compensate for the insulin resistance, it has now time to recover. You see they are not dead; they are just exhausted. Unlike in heart attack where the affected tissue remains dead, it is a different story with the pancreas. We can help them recover through lifestyle changes.

So get started to implement the changes in the lifestyle. The earlier this is done, the better it is all around. Just getting into a weight loss program with proper diet accompanied by increased physical activity will show positive results in the blood sugar levels.

Studies have shown that eating a few calories and exercising make blood sugar go down to the point that medications are not necessary. It is surprising sometimes when this happens but people believe it is because there has been an improvement in the secretion of insulin.

The same is true with increased physical activity. This lowers the blood sugar because it makes the muscle more responsive to insulin. Then over time this increased physical activity will help with the maintenance of weight loss.

Here are the five things one can do regarding changing one's lifestyle in order to make one's glucose level as close to the normal level as possible:

  • Lower or stop the use of sweetened drinks.

  • Lose five to ten pounds at the beginning.

  • Make sure you have fiber in your meals.

  • Have more physical activity.

  • Eat several smaller meals regularly instead of one or two large meals.

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