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Friday, January 17, 2014

Diabetes Positive Approach Newsletter 1401 - Eating Out

First, I must say a one-sentence explanation for this post. This is really a newsletter for my subscribers as I have migrated from SBI, my previous host to Blogger, but new readers are more than welcome to join us. I am so excited about this topic for this newsletter. It is eating out. Yay, that's right down my alley. But in my excitement we should not forget that we are building our self-image. Do you know how else we can improve our self-image? It's by studying how others failed and survived!

I can give you a lot of examples. There's Michael Jordan who said he failed so many times and yet he's known as Mr. Basketball. There's Henry Ford, a wealthy man, but when he was 40 years old, he was broke. There's Albert Einstein who failed his math courses. Can you believe it? That genius failed at Math? Oh, there's still hope for us. And now don't get me distracted from this favorite topic: Eating Out.

Eating Out and Diabetes

Making healthy choices when eating out is a must. Notice that I didn’t add for the diabetics because it’s true. We all have to eat healthy but temptations are everywhere and that’s the problem. Especially if you’re like me, who loves to eat at buffets. I have a good reason for this, you know. When you order something at regular restaurants and you happen not to like the food, you’re stuck with it. Whereas at buffets, when you don’t like something you can go back and try something else. Does that make sense?

Okay no more excuses. We should really be careful with what we eat if we want to manage both the weight and the blood sugar level. I am not going to say it is easy but with self control, it can work out. It really is doable. And if you do this regularly, it becomes a habit and that’s when it becomes easy. Okay, let’s follow my journey at the buffets I frequent.

Let’s start with the drink. You know how they start the meals at any restaurant. The waiter asks your drink preference. You wouldn’t believe what I prefer to drink. Yes sir, it’s a glass of water, that’s my baby. I can’t even have a lemon with the water which I used to love so much. But you see, my body is acidic so lemon is a no, no.

Now the rush to the buffet table is on and what do you think do I choose for my appetizer? Two of them! Oops, you caught me red-handed, but let me explain before you condemn me without trial. Appetizer #1 is a salad and I don’t really like it that much, but I have to eat something raw at every meal. At least, that’s what my mother told me. Anyway, for the salad, I opted for a light dressing. So at least you should be proud of this girl for trying!

Now let’s go to the soup, my appetizer #2. It’s clam soup, my favorite. The chef at this restaurant makes this soup so good, I drool at the thought of it even in my sleep. No, it’s not the creamy Boston Chowder, that’s too heavy even for me, a buffet lover. It’s just a clear soup with real clams in it. Oh my gosh! I hope he didn’t put MSG in it! Oh, well, I don’t get a headache or other side effects from it. Besides, a girl has got to live and enjoy life sometimes.

And now, drum roll please, let’s go to the entrĂ©e table. This is easier than I thought. For one thing, I don’t eat beef. No, I don’t belong to that religion where beef is taboo because they think the cow is sacred. I don’t even know now if there is such a religion. But I digress, pardon me. I don’t eat beef because I am afraid of Mad Cow Disease.

I have no explanation as to why I am afraid of Mad Cow Disease for I was told it has an incubation period of 30 years; I will be long gone before that happens. But that’s not true really because I saw a teenager suffer from it. And since then I refused to eat beef, not even the beef from a cow bred with Japanese tender loving care and fed with beer. And that’s why chickens hate me.

So the choice is clear. It’s either fish or chicken. That fish looks so inviting and the chicken, well, it’s beckoning to me. So how can a girl resist those looks, you tell me. So I got both. Now you’re giving me a dirty look, you diabetes police, you! Don’t be so down on me. It’s just half a fish and a chicken wing, for crying out loud. Besides, I loaded my plate with a lot of vegetables, so there.

And now to the dessert table we go. It is an easy choice; I picked an assortment of fruits - apples slices, watermelon, melon, papaya, oh no, this is a GMO (genetically modified organism) so I left that in the serving tray. I did the same to the pineapple and oranges because remember I am acidic. Then I looked at my husband’s plate and saw this gorgeous-looking cheesecake, reminiscent of the Lindy’s Cheesecake we had in Manhattan.

I made a quick dash to the dessert table racing against my self-control and dove right in before my right mind gets the better of me. But this, I’ve got to tell you and you will be proud of me. I took a spoon and just cut a piece from the slice of cheese cake and while I was there, I also cut a spoonful out of the carrot cake and the blueberry pie and went back to my table mates happy as a clam. I savor each bit of those three desserts ever so slowly so it felt like I ate the whole piece and that I‘ve gone to heaven. Watch below a more disciplined person eating out.

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4. A Success Quotation of the Month“

"A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety." -Aesop 

5. Dessert Recipe”

Vanilla Poached Peaches

6. Some Humour - Let's laugh together at the joke below even if it's not funny. I really want to make you laugh because I feel that laughter makes one feel better. With humor, you can entertain people but you have to remember a few things the first of which is you have to know what’s funny. And that’s where I think I fail. But at least I’m trying.

Caught Cheating!

Teacher: Hey Peter! What do you think you’re doing?.

Peter: Nothing, Ma’am?

Teacher: Nothing,? You opened your notes and copied them.

Peter: Ma'am, seeking help is not a sign of ignorance.

Teacher: You are really something else.

Peter: What I did was an intellectual act.

Teacher: Stay after school and I‘ll have a talk with you.

Peter: It made me think there are things that can’t be handled alone.

7. Q&A: How Do You Survive a Restaurant Meal?“

Answer: One really has to be careful when dining out. Think of ways to keep control like calling the restaurant ahead. Find out the different menu options they offer. They will be glad you called. Calling ahead will enable you to decide what to order that will best fit your needs. You will be comfortable knowing there will be something in the menu you can order.

If there is a kids’ menu, maybe you can order from there. Unless of course the children’s menu only comes with hotdogs, burgers and similar items. Failing this, you can request for a children’s size from the regular menu or a half portion. Ask questions for there maybe substitutions available. You can also checkout the nutritional information for the meal.

8. Got something to say? Please write down your questions and comments in Facebook.

Just go to the Just copy and paste that on your browser. Facebook will want you to join me first before you can send me a message. Okay, I failed at this. Eating out is my Waterloo, especially when indulging in a buffet. But I will not let that get me down. I will rise above that, I promise. Didn't Babe Ruth strike out many times more than anyone else? Didn't Enrico Caruso fail to reach the high notes many times to the point his teacher told him to quit?

We should all try to imitate Thomas Edison whose teacher called him a dunce and to prove it, he failed 14,000 times trying to perfect the incandescent light! We should also try to emulate Walt Disney who went broke seven times and had a nervous breakdown before he became successful. These people succeeded because they kept at what they had to and that's what all of us will do!

Warm Regards,

Roger and Evelyn Guzman

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