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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Diabetes Myth #1 to Demystify

Diabetes Myth #1 to Demystify


I am preparing a long article for which I am waiting for some new materials to finish it. Meantime I don’t want to leave you hanging waiting for that so I am thinking of sending the wrong beliefs on having diabetes every week if possible while I am waiting for the materials to finish off that long article I am writing for you. Here is the first myth we have to debunk.

Taking insulin is the start of the end of my life is the first myth. Some people are afraid to take insulin because they wrongly think it is because their diabetes is getting worse. Some may even think it may cause the dreaded complications such as blindness, kidney problems and amputation just because it happened to other people when they started taking insulin. Insulin is not the cause of the complications but rather from uncontrolled blood sugar for many years.

Now you know that insulin causing the complications is not true at all. Diabetes gets worse when we do not take care of it. If we adopt a healthy life style of eating healthy and moving more, diabetes should not get worse. Mind you, as years go by, the body gets more and more resistance to insulin. This is the result of many factors. Obesity could be a cause and so are the sedentary lifestyle, some medications and even genetics.

Another reason why people think taking insulin is the beginning of the end is the way it is introduced. Usually, the health care team waits for years before prescribing insulin. They wait until all the beta cells are almost no longer working before they start putting their patients on insulin. Some also lack the knowledge and the proficiency on insulin use.

What these people do not know is that the famous Boston Joslin Diabetes Clinic puts their type 2 diabetes patients on insulin right after they are diagnosed. Why? Because they believe that insulin is the best treatment that can control the blood sugar level. In fact more than 40% of diabetics take insulin. Many healthy professionals plus the American Diabetes Association recommend the use of insulin earlier.

It is clear why. Not only can insulin control the blood sugar better but it also makes those on insulin less tired, feel more energetic and able to sleep better at night. On top of these benefits, they also experience less side effects that other medications cause them. So you see taking insulin is even the start of getting healthier. Ask your doctor if you need before he has the chance to mention it.


Now you know the truth about taking insulin as the start of the end of your life. That is one myth you should cast away right now. Taking insulin is not going to ruin your life. It might even save it. What do you think of this myth? Is it not something that will hurt us if we believe in it? Tell me if I left something out so we can share it with the rest.