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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can Insulin Be Abused?

Insulin can be abused, that's for sure but it is not well known yet. There was a teenager who tried to inject himself with insulin thinking that it will give him a high. You see he saw his mother acting drunk when she had low blood sugar so he thought injecting himself with insulin could get him a high too. He started sticking some into his arm but he got scared and pulled the needle out in time. This is not the only type of case for insulin abuse. Young girls who suffer from eating disorders try to control their weight by withholding insulin. Some athletes have used insulin to increase muscle mass.

Risks Involved There are risks of death involved for injecting insulin by someone who does not have diabetes. This could bring down the blood sugar level leading to hypoglycemia. If not treated, it could result in loss of consciousness, coma or seizure or even death.

What To Do One needs to talk to the kids about insulin Tell them that it can kill people who are not diabetic. Tell them too that it does not give anyone a high. A certified diabetes educator can help you with two major areas to stress. One is that insulin is prescribed in small doses to specific individuals which if not taken properly could lead to hypoglycemia that could be fatal. The other point is that it does not give one a high. Rather it makes one feel bad. The certified diabetes educator can also advise one on ways to talk to the family about insulin.

Here's a diabetes guide to dramatically improve blood sugar control and Eliminate the Need For Insulin Shots! Remember I am not a doctor so whatever you want to change with your treatment plan should be talked over with your doctor. I’m just sharing some opinions and experience that have helped other people.