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Sunday, March 18, 2012

How To Easily Manage Diabetes

The statistics are alarming. It seems like everyone has diabetes or knows someone suffering from diabetes. In Florida alone, one of every ten has diabetes. That means 1.5 million people in Florida have diabetes making the state the tenth in the country as to the number of people struggling with this condition.

With these many people afflicted, a lot are having a hard time on managing diabetes. The trouble is that managing this condition is fundamental to keeping healthy and avoiding the many complications that could arise from it. Of course it is not easy but it can be done. Here are some tips:

1. Get a diabetes meal plan from the health care team and follow it. Eating healthy is important and this means plenty of fruits and vegetables with lots of fibre, less salt and fat and lean meat or fish which should be no more than three ounces.

2. Monitor the blood sugar by testing it at least once a day and keep a record of this. Sometimes you have to test more if you want to check how the food you eat affects your blood sugar level. Obtain from the doctor what your target level is so you can keep maintaining that level.

3. Get routine care at least twice a year and bring your record of the blood sugar level monitoring results to show the doctor. Together you will be able to decide what changes in the management of diabetes to make sure you are on the right track. Get the feet and eyes examined too.

4. Exercise about 60 minutes a day at least five times a week. Ask the doctor what kind of exercise you should do or tell him if the form of exercise you have in mind is safe for you to do. Walking around the block is a good thing to do.

5. Manage whatever stress you have with the use of the mental health resources. This is important because stress can make the blood glucose level higher. Exercise will certainly help de-stress. I do tai-chi and that seems to help. Having pets have done wonder for other people.

There you have the five things you absolutely have to do to make managing the diabetes easier. Those tips do make it easier to manage diabetes, don’t they? Remember to get in touch with your health care team regularly and ask for help. You don’t have to do everything all at once. Just make changes to the lifestyle to make you healthy and keep the blood sugar within the target level.