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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Type 2 Diabetes Cause Found, A Different One

Type 2 diabetes cause especially when American scientists found a third anomaly that may be behind the development of type 2 diabetes intrigued me. I tried hard to follow it up knowing that if there is such a cause, can a cure be far behind? It has been drilled into our heads that being overweight and obesity as the cause. We know that the body cells fail to regulate blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes properly, this much we know.

This occurred because of improper working of the beta cells in the pancreas and the inability of the insulin to work properly on the tissues. But in the new study at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Oregon Health & Science University, the scientists discovered that the glucose-sensing neurons have a part in the development of diabetes.

Dr. Bradford Lowell, a professor at Harvard Medical School, said they knew all along there were neurons in the brain that become excited by glucose but they didn't know the significance of this. The new study is the first one to show these neurons respond by returning the blood sugar level to normal.

All that said, I waited for some follow-up on this but didn’t find any so I tried to do some research and I found quite a few and one was even controversial. But what I want to let you know right off the bat was the warning I saw to the effect that if you are taking insulin, do not stop doing so and keep on checking your blood glucose levels unless of course your doctor tells you otherwise.

Type 2 diabetes can still be cured, thank goodness but the thing that I found controversial was that this condition is not caused by being overweight. And the author of this said that it is because scientists get a lot of data and sometimes they do not know how to interpret them. You can find more to read about what causes diabetes here.

Let us make this a little clearer. What they say is that there is some kind of confusion because what causes overweight and obesity is the same thing that leads to diabetes. What is that, you asked? It is the bad fats that is the culprit. A specific example of this is margarine.

So you see, the link between being overweight and diabetes is statistical and not a causal relationship. Instead it is a common cause relationship and the claim is that they do hardly discuss the common cause relationship because they are paid to sell drugs.

And here’s another thing that causes type 2 diabetes. Our diets have extra oils that are man-made known as trans fats. These get into our cell walls and damage the electrical charge smothering the cells and slowing down the process of letting nutrition in and the waste out. Insulin therefore has a hard time passing through the cell wall full of trans fats. And that my friends is a type 2 diabetes cause.