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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vitamin K Lowers Diabetes Risk for the Elderly by 50%

What is diabetes and what causes diabetes are the top questions circulating around the web. What they should ask also is what is diabetic risk. We will give answers to all of them or lead you to where to go to get answers. For example, here is where you go to know what is diabetes.

Here you will find what causes diabetes just below the video on that page. The cause for type 1 is mainly due to an over activity of the immune system. This destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Without cells producing insulin leads to no insulin which in turn leads to uncontrolled blood sugar. What causes Type 2 diabetes is related to lifestyle.

After the second paragraph at this site, there are questions that will help you determine if you are at risk to develop diabetes. Since the diabetes early symptoms do not appear, there is no warning sometimes and yet the strategies to fight it have to be in place so you stand a better chance to beat it.

So the diabetes statistics continue to rise. More and more cases are diagnosed every year. It is crucial to get tested especially if one is at risk to develop diabetes because the earlier we catch it, the better it is for us to beat it. There are, for instance, natural compounds that will help stop the deadly effects of high blood glucose.

One such compound, Vitamin K, has been found to lower the risk for diabetes among the elderly population by over 50%. Researchers published the results of their study on this in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.. The subjects with the highest vitamin K1 level reduced their risk to develop diabetes by 51% compared to those with the lowest level.

The researchers found that Vitamin K helps remove the calcium from the blood thus preventing diabetes and heart disease when they studied the information on 1069 men and women whose average age was 67. The trouble is that the western diet is deficient in vitamin K because there are not enough green and leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce and broccoli in the meals.

The 1069 participants of the study did not have diabetes when they started the research which was part of the trial on the Prevention with the Mediterranean Diet. After five and a half months, 131 of the subjects developed diabetes. From the results, the researchers determined that participants with the highest vitamin K1 level had the lowest risk to develop diabetes.

The recommendation from the nutrition experts for the elderly is to supplement with vitamin K from 1000 to 2200 mcg daily to prevent both diabetes and heart disease. Here are some reviews but heads up for anyone who is soy or estrogen sensitive. You should not take Vitamin K then.

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