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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Diabetes MYTH #5 to Demystify To Help Save Your Life

Diabetes Myth #5 We Get Diabetes From Eating Sweets


We don’t get diabetes from eating sweets. Why? Well, people get diabetes because they carry the genes that predispose them to it. Of course, it is also caused by lifestyle factors. It is also an autoimmune reaction. Mind you eating too much sugar may activate these genes and the autoimmune reaction. So let us stop thinking that eating sweets will do it or it may jeopardize what we want to do to stop diabetes on its tracks.

The Real Cause of Diabetes

Eating too much sugar is not the cause but rather it is when there is not enough insulin that works on regulating and maintaining the normal level of the blood glucose. It is a metabolic disorder that leads to blood sugar that is abnormally high. In type 2 diabetes, the secretion of insulin is defective making the body resistant to insulin. Because the body is not able to use insulin properly, diabetes comes as an unwelcome guest.

The immune system in type 1 diabetes which should be a protection from bacteria and viruses but instead terrorizes and kills the beta cells which are supposed to be producing insulin. For optimal immune system use vitamins and supplements. Without the insulin doing its function of maintaining the blood glucose at normal levels causes the blood sugar to rise. Nobody knows for sure why but scientists think it is genetic and triggered by environmental factors like toxins, stress or virus.

Diabetes also occurs in pregnant women and when it does, it is called gestational diabetes. Again they do not know what causes it although they believe that the hormones in the mother’s placenta have something to do with blocking the insulin from doing its work. This makes the blood sugar to rise.

Tracing the Development of Type 2 Diabetes

The blood sugar level rises each time anyone eats starch or sugar. Normally this is not a problem because the correct amount of insulin to regulate the blood sugar is released by the pancreas. The trouble occurs when the pancreas produces insufficient amount of insulin to help with making the blood sugar return to normal level. That is why experts say that diabetes is not a sugar problem but rather it is insulin inefficiency.

There is a warning here though. Just because eating sweets does not cause diabetes, eating too much is not good for anybody. There is a theory that too much sweets can trigger the genes to wake up and get the diabetes on the go. Besides, as we grow older our organs may not work as well as when we were younger. Just like the other organs the beta cells may not work as efficiently as before and may become overwhelmed by too much sweets and weight.

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Now you know that eating sweets is not the cause of diabetes. If you do not have the genes or the factors that trigger the coming of diabetes, eating sweets will not make you get diabetes. However, eating too much sweets is not good for anybody. Now it is your turn. If you have diabetes, what do you think caused it? Let us know in the comments. below.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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