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Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Power of Positive Thinking

Some people, when faced with a diabetes diagnosis, deny reality. They fight it and think of what might have beens. Well, this kind of thinking is not going to help. You can change things only if you accept the reality. Only after acceptance will you be able to make realistic steps.

First, prepare yourself mentally. Clear your mind so you can better understand in a positive manner what you will read about the disease. You can educate yourself better this way and then you will be able to manage the disease better on a daily basis. You can then give yourself the best possible care by monitoring your blood glucose. You can be more conscientious of proper medication intake and dosage. And then with proper exercise and meal planning, you will not suffer any complications.

Now if you continue to be in denial, will it be possible to do your best to take care of yourself? I don't think so. Just think how lucky we are to live in this day and age when modern high-tech medical advances have made it possible for the diabetics to live longer.

So it is up to you to move forward with the most positive attitude. This way, you can deal with diabetes in an en enlightened manner. So this is my challenge to you. Study as much as you can about the disease while keeping your mind focused on the positive future of the medical advances. Even while I write this, there are reports on a daily basis on studies about diabetes that will improve the life of the diabetics. Hopefully, someday these studies will lead to the elimination of the complication. That is why in my website, I have news alert where I report all the items I read about. I feel that knowing that advances are going on, the diabetics will feel encouraged. Go there and check it out:

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