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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Physical Activity, More of this Please

September 19, 2007

Just as it is easy to eat too much, it is easy to move too little. This is what is causing the health problems we are facing in this modern age. With the advent of food processing accompanied by blatant advertising, it is just easy to eat too much of what is not the right kind of food.

In the same way, with the advent of machineries that make all work for us easy, we succumb to an easier way of life. Why walk to the corner store when you can ride in a car? Why wash the clothes by hand when we have the washing machine to do that for us?

So you see with eating too much of the wrong thing and moving too little, is it any wonder that we suffer from these ailments? For these two are the double whammy of our modern world. And don’t blame the fast food places for the predicament we are in. For do we not patronize the super sized food they entice us to eat? We asked for it and we got it. It’s time we make a change.

We have covered the eating part. Now let’s deal with physical activity. What do we know about this? There have been studies galore on this very topic. And four main studies have successfully found that increased physical activity has prevented the development of diabetes. Let’s summarize what we know about this:

. Physical activity contributes the most when done often at least three or four times a week with six and seven, even producing better result.

. Physical activity makes the muscles more sensitive to insulin thus making it easier to store the insulin in the muscles rather than having it rise.

. Physical activity helps with any weight loss program.

. Physical activity has helped make diabetes prevention a success.

. Physical activity should include both the aerobic exercise that improves metabolism and cardiovascular training and strengthening exercise.

. It is better to integrate physical activity in one’s routine as opposed to picking specific schedules.

There are quite a large number of exercise programs out there waiting for you to try them out. There are equipments for you to buy. But let’s face it, all of these require your attention and some effort on your part. There will be scheduling to do but finding the time is not easy.

How about going to the gym, you asked? Well, you may elect to do that but again that requires some time. You will have to get into your gym clothes, drive to the gym, exercise there and then take a shower after you cool down a bit.

How much better is it to do your exercise at home as soon as you wake up? You can even do your exercise in your pajamas. You can have the clock in front of you to time your exercise from aerobic to yoga to tai chi and weight lifting all in one hour. And best of all, you can keep up with the news at the same time.

There is another problem in signing up for vigorous exercise. Yes, that’s right. You could suffer from exercise-related injuries. This will set anyone back. This, along with lack of time, is it any wonder that 40% of the population does not have leisure physical activity weekly?

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