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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Diabetes

The lifestyle modification that we were supposed to undertake to prevent diabetes can also help treat it. Diabetes is distinctive in the sense that it affects all aspects of life like eating, physical activity, work, school, and travel and these in turn affect diabetes.

It is true that diseases require attention to taking the prescribed medication but diabetes is different in the sense that it entails watchfulness and awareness of the content and schedule of meals, physical activity, medications, glucose checking and an assortment of self-care requirements.

It is a touchy disease to the point that if you ignore it for a little time, it will make you pay. How? With painful and life-threatening hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. And if you pay no attention to it for a longer period of time, it will penalize you more with much severe complications of blindness, foot ulcers and amputation, kidney failure and heart disease. But it is not going to happen to any of us because we will pay attention to food, exercise and seeing a doctor.

We are lucky to be living in this day and age when with the medical advances we can live longer in a most productive way and be free of those nasty complications. All we have to do is to take care of it. It is not asking much considering what we will get in return. This diabetes type of treatment is often called the lifestyle approach to the ABC's of management. We will cover this later but if you want it now, go to:

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