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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Maintaining Weight and Activity Goals

We started our lifestyle change by setting goals. Then we monitored our own progress ourselves. And when there were problems, we coped with the unexpected situations and tried to solve our problems to the best of our ability. Okay, we did all that. Are we home free yet?

No, for the simple reason that the aforementioned steps are just the beginning. We will have to do some follow-up so we can maintain our changing lifestyle. A coach will be a good one to have. To know that we can check in with our coach at the end of the week and get some feedback.

And believe it or not, we do not stop here. As we move toward achieving our weight and activity goals, we will need an accountability plan that will name the person who we will check in to see how we are doing and how often we have to check in with this person.

Once we achieve our weight and activity goals, we may have to meet with our coach less often. This may mean, instead of a weekly check-up, we may just have to see him every two weeks. As we progress, we will keep spacing out the follow-up schedule. With this scenario, we can't help but succeed, eh?

Let us see what else we can do to ensure success. One tool that will certainly be good to have in our corner is a support system that will cheer us on, encourage us and pick us up when we fall. We will make a list of family members, co-workers and friends who will be willing to support us.

We will surround ourselves with these positive people instead of the ones who will disapprove and resent our effort. People who will not tease us into eating more and breaking our new-found healthy lifestyle habits will be good to have around.

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