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Friday, October 26, 2007

Coping with the Unexpected

The highways to a successful lifestyle change is full of road blocks. Even though we're ready for the change and have set reasonable goals, they can still sneak in. We're doing our part and writing down all we eat and the exercise we do. We're making progress and then wham! Something is stopping us from going ahead.

That is why any plans need to expect impediments that can sabotage the achievement. With our plans we need to anticipate problems that may come up and think of what we can do to solve them before they come. This kind of thinking is part and parcel of our plan to beat diabetes at its game.

So let us see what we can do when a problem does arise. First we have to describe the specifics of the problem which could be skipping breakfast and eating foods that can sabotage our reaching our weight loss goal. What is triggering the situation?

Then plan on possible solutions. If waking up late is behind skipping breakfast, maybe setting up the alarm earlier will help. Also if we are in a rush, we can grab an apple to eat on the way to work. If at the meeting, Danish pastries are served, we can have a muffin instead.

If we are tempted to eat the pastries, then let's eat a light lunch. But some will feel guilty and skip lunch. Not us, for we will have a salad. When we are tired and hungry when we get home, we can have a snack and rest. Still too tired to prepare supper? Heat up a light frozen dinner in the microwave.

At TV time when we are tempted to eat potato chips, we will have pretzels and carrots instead. If a friend comes to visit and suggest a take out of fried chicken, order a salad with it. If we are tempted to have some of the fried chicken, we will just have to plan for a better tomorrow.

Now we know there are possible solutions. We can try one solution and if it does not work, we can try the next one in the list. Then we can make a plan that will work against the triggers that make us overeat. Try the first plan and if that does not work, try the next one or make adjustments, but what we will not do is stop trying.

For instance, with the problem of skipping breakfast, the plan perhaps is to buy fruits, English muffins, pretzels, and carrots we can keep at home and take some to the work place. And then if we do our part and have a healthy breakfast at least four out of five mornings, a week, we can plan to reward ourselves. We can see a movie in the weekend. Hurrah!

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