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Monday, November 8, 2010

New Mexico Senator Asked FDA to Ban Aspartame Use in USA

Diabetics have an advocate in the New Mexico Senator. Why did I say that? It is because this senator mentioned how the diabetics have fallen victims to aspartame when this was cited in the Hawaii request for the approval of the use of this artificial sweetener be withdrawn.

Last year, NM Senator Ortiz y Pino wrote a letter to Dr. Frank Torti who was acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. He requested that approval for the use of Aspartame be cancelled. Why am I revisiting this issue? I still see this artificial sweetener around and so I thought if more people jumped in and joined the voices, the collective cry would be heard.

From 1966 to 1981, FDA turned down the application of G.D. Searle but due to the insistence of Donald Rumsfeld, Searle CEO, the approval was forced through the FDA. Since then, there were numerous petitions from doctors and laymen alike but all these have been ignored.

The answer to all these petitions was the assurance that tests have been conducted where aspartame has been shown as safe. The trouble is that there are 92 alleged symptoms that have developed from using aspartame. This cannot be ignored when planning meals for the diabetics.

Among the symptoms are blurred vision, headaches, epilepsy, skin rashes multiple sclerosis and death. Having been shown to produce such a huge mountain of neurodengenerative and medical proof, the New Mexico senator believed that this would result in Dr. Torti to order its removal from the market.

Senator Ortiz further said that this is too late to make the removal just a precaution but believed that it is urgent its removal will prevent more medical harm to victims in the future. He mentioned that ten colleagues of his have cosponsored this.

Senator Chun Oakland from Hawaii also introduced this and cosponsored by ten members of the Hawaii Senate. This resolution will be the repository of evidence for the victims in Hawaii particularly the diabetics and those with seizures.
Last year, Senator Kalani English from Hawaii introduced SB576 that would totally ban aspartame in Hawaii. He had the backing of 14 out of the 25 members of the Hawaii Senate. Mele Carroll, a representative, also introduced HB669 banning the sale and use of aspartame in Hawaii.

Needless to say, the American public has to be protected from further harm. After all, Senator Ortiz said FDA has known for four decades and three years that this chemical is metabolized as aspartic acid, methanol, phenylalanine formaldehyde, and diketopiperazine, which has been proven as a carcinogen.

Let us all do the right thing and put the public health and well being top of the list while setting aside whatever private agenda we have in mind. After all health is an important asset for any nation to preserve if it has any hope to prosper. Those in office should say, "My loyalty to the party should end where my loyalty to the country begins." On this my cry is, help the diabetics.

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