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Monday, November 1, 2010

Diabetes Early Signs

Diabetes early signs is a topic that has been written numerous times but it bears repeating for fear that some are not able to process this due to a busy schedule. The important thing is to have this caught early so strategies can be put in place to ward off the dreaded complications.

Sometimes the symptoms do not appear until the damage has been done. Listen to the recommendations of the American Diabetes Association which is for adults 45 years and over to get tested every three years. This was the figure the last time I checked and I will keep on the alert on this and other issues pertaining to diabetes because changes happen so fast.

So if there is anyone of you who has found a different figure, step up and let us know because we are all on this together and we have to help each other spread the word. We have to rely on one another and what a good time to start this cooperative spirit on this the first day of diabetes month.

Type 1 diabetes is the more serious and the symptoms may just come up suddenly while type 2 diabetes starts slowly and it may take years before the symptoms can appear. Sometimes, it is just diagnosed on a routine medical examination when a complication appears.

So you see, many do not know they have this condition. That is why it is wise to heed the recommendation of the American Diabetes Association to get tested. The key to stay healthy is to get a regular check up for one can easily fight this condition more easily earlier than later.

The diabetes early signs are unexplained hunger, unusual thirst and frequent urination. Due to the inability to utilize the carbohydrate consumption and synthesize the energy, people tire easily. For some, despite consuming large meals, weight loss occurs. To make matter worse, the symptoms are not the same for everybody.

There may also be itchiness and bacterial infections. Those with diabetes may also develop sores that do not easily heal. It is the same thing with cuts and wounds. Hands and feet may feel numb so extra care should be given to the feet. They have to be protected from burns and injuries.

We hope that people will listen and get themselves tested especially those who are at risk. It is only if we heed this recommendation can we stay healthy. This is the only reason we are keeping this blog and the website open. So get tested even before the appearance of the diabetes early signs.

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