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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bladder Dysfunction in Women with Type 2 Diabetes

This report is based on a presentation made at the 29th Congress of the Societe International d'Urologie in Paris, France. Study of past literature on this subject showed that older women with diabetes had atonic bladder condition known as diabetic cystopathy.

The trouble with these findings in the past is that the studies were carried out in patients who were going to specialty clinics. In addition, they did not distinguish between men or women and neither did they do so with type1 and type 2 diabetes.

This new study, however, employed well classified subjects based on urine testing. This is the way they did it. Among the 400 women diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, 48 agreed to undertake urine testing. The researchers were able to measure the urinary incontinence through questionnaires, interviews, standard evaluation and physical examination.

The measurements included treatment, duration, diabetic complications, glycemic control and laboratory data on the gravity of the incontinence.
These are their findings. Nobody had bladder cystopathy, about 50% had severe incontinence, and 38% had weekly measurement of the urinary incontinence.

Among the subjects studied, 50% stated they had mild symptoms of the lower urinary tract, 42% of which were average and 8% severe. Almost 75% used insulin and had a mean A1c of 7.5. Among these women, 11% had retinopathy while 54% had neuropathy.

Here are their conclusions. The study showed that bladder sensation was impaired early on. The bladder dysfunction does not appear to show in the majority of the participants. This is found to be not common. It is rather an infrequent end organ outcome of diabetes.

What does this mean to us? We have to soldier on to achieve our ABC targets through lifestyle changes first and then through medications if necessary. And of course let's not forget about increasing our physical activity and other things to do to reach our goals as shown on this page.


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