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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Session 6 on Keys to Become Active

Were you able to be active for sixty minutes this past week? What type of activity did you do to achieve that? Make sure you have written this down in your record book, just like you're doing for your food and drink intake, fat grams and your weight.

Let's sail along to Session 6. Here we will learn to set aside a period of time when you will be active. Find out which twenty or thirty minute period of your day to do an activity that you enjoy. Perhaps you can park your car farther away from your place of work and walk for ten minutes to get there.

And at night, while watching TV try to run in place or do jumping jacks or walk on your treading machine if you have one. The beauty of this is you have a timer in the program itself for usually each lasts for thirty minutes. You will feel better in the long run, no pun intended.

Now take care that you don't get sore muscles in the process. How can we prevent sore muscles and cramps? Drink plenty of water, do stretching, warming up before starting the exercise and cooling down exercises at the end of your physical activity. For the disclaimer and more information on diabetes, please go to this site:
Exercise and Diabetes

Make sure you watch for signs when you stop exercising like chest pain, shortness of breath, acute nausea, and feeling of light-headedness. Before changing your physical activity, make sure you discuss this with your doctor. And if you've diabetes and taking insulin and other medications, run these facts with your health care team.

And now for the homework. Save a block of twenty to thirty minutes every day to do a physical activity or two or more ten to fifteen minutes to do an activity you enjoy but should be equivalent to a brisk walk. Your goal this time is to have ninety minutes of physical activity this week and keep a record of this.

Continue keeping track of your weight, food and drink intake and get as near as possible to your fat grams goal. When doing your activities, make sure you start by stretching and warming up and at the end, do cooling down activities. So you'll have time to reach your goal, we'll see you in a week for Session 7.

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