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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Body-Weight Regulation Experts Report on Research Related to Obesity

Obesity makes body parts begin to fail when the body is overloaded with extra nutrients. This is when obesity increases the risk for developing such diseases as heart problems and diabetes. Because so many parts are affected and studies focus on a particular organ at a time, what’s occurring throughout the body is overlooked.

There is an article in the November issue of Science entitled “An Integrative View of Obesity” that recommends a wider approach should be employed to find out the causes and effects of obesity. The authors are Dr. Francis Kim, Dr. Michael Schwartz and Dr. Brent E. Wisse, all of the University of Washington.

These authors investigated related studies on this issue especially the one by the Harvard University School of Public Health’s Dr. Gordon S. Gokhan S. Hotamisligil. These researches reported on what happens when the body consumes more energy in food than what it needs. This fact triggers harmful responses in body cells.

The Science article points out similarities in how different cells respond to extra nutrients. This might show why many people put on too much weight and then are not able to lose it. The authors said that the body protects its stores of fat.

Obesity they said does not happen because of the extra fat but through the defense of the raised level of fat and this should be taken into account when trying to find out why people get fat. This might also lead to the understanding why animals on low-calorie diet live longer.

It is good to know that scientists are starting to see the pattern of the cell response to extra nutrients. Among this is the way the cell responds by producing plenty of molecules that create trouble. This can harm the structures of the cells and also inhibits the last stages of protein production. The end result of this is inflammation.

This inflammation can stop insulin action and as this progresses so does the inflammation making it hard to break the cycle. Rodents fed with a diet rich in energy show impaired reaction to insulin and other signals to control the appetite.

Their brains reveal inflammation and resistance to insulin. This may make the brains unable to see they are gaining fat reserves with their brains unable to control their appetite. On the contrary, they seem hungry and keep consuming more food. It is good to see alert like this so we can act accordingly so see if you want to join us for free to see such diabetes alerts once a month.

Extra nutrients also causes inflammation to the pancreas and the authors could not help but wonder if this sets the onset for type 2 diabetes. The investigators stressed the fact this is not the only explanation for obesity and its link to diseases like heart problems and diabetes but it does show how different troubles in a variety of organs may be due to cellular reaction that is common to other parts of the body.

It is therefore imperative that an integrative approach be employed in studying the diseases that occur in tissues and cells in the whole body rather than studying just one body part or system at a time. This approach could lead to better prevention and treatment of obesity.


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