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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Whatever Happened to the TLC Trial to Help Type 2 Diabetics?

Type 2 diabetes I thought had a shot in the arm (no pun intended) last October 11, 2007 because it was announced that Brisbane Type 2 diabetes patients were needed to help with a TLC trial in Australia. I must confess I thought TLC stands for tender loving care so I selected this to report as an alert.

Now I know that TLC stands for Telephone-Linked Care. I was going to stop reporting on it but had a second thought for the simple reason that I think this type of program is essential all over the world. Why? Can you imagine anyone with a question or having trouble with self care being able to call TLC for help? I say that's priceless.

At that time, Professor Mary Courtney of the Queensland University of Technology said that the researchers needed 340 people with type 2 diabetes for this trial that will start in November. I like the TLC system because it is designed to monitor, educate and coach the patients and give them the power to self manage their condition.

It was not the intention of this research to take the place of doctors but it will certainly help type 2 diabetes people supplement the care received from dietitian, endocrinologist and the other members of the health care team. We know that despite the help of these experts, questions could arise.

Those who would call the TLC system were supposed to receive feedback regarding the monitoring of the blood glucose level. They will also get information regarding diet, exercise and taking medications so they will keep themselves healthy.

This will be an important resource for people who do not live near health services like the ones who live in remote areas. They didn’t say whether this was open to people with type 2 diabetes world wide but they did invite people who are interested to email Dominique Bird on TLC Diabetes

It will be a good idea to write Dominique and find what happened to the TLC program. One of the members of the team of researchers is the Boston University in USA so I will think the authorities there may know what's going on regarding the progress of this important resource.

At any rate, I hope they will have something like this all over the world so people can receive encouragement and help with their condition, not only with the blood sugar monitoring, nutrition and exercise but the care of the feet as well for those with type 2 diabetes.

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